Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're Baaaack!!!!

We are back to being able to use the Internet! It was really rough in the beginning, but we found other things to do besides surfing the net. We played hide and seek with Mama almost every night. Scout is really good at that game. I prefer laying in the sun. ( I was going to post a photo of me in the sun, but it looks like Blogger has changed things since we've been away. We will have to figure this out. Our option to add photos is gone. Mama and I are working on it, but can't figure it out.)

This morning, Mama did our nails, used wipes to clean us and brushed our teeth. We knew something exciting was in store for us. Daddy said he had to go to the doctor, so we went there. We walked around while he was inside. We then went to McDonald's and got breakfast and had it waiting for him. After he was done with his doctor, he drove us to the vet. Yikes! I didn't want to go in even though Mama said we were there for Scout. It was time for her yearly check-up. Scout was excited to see everyone. She jumped on the scale and found out she gained 3 pounds since last year. Her diet needs some serious work. Our regular vet is in Hawaii for a month, so we had a substitute. He gave Scout a shot and looked at her eyes, ears and teeth. He then looked at my teeth. WHAT THE HECK? I'M WAS JUST THERE FOR MORAL SUPPORT! I wasn't happy about that. Mama and I have been working really hard at getting my teeth in shape and I'm really tired of people looking at my teeth. After that, Scout laid on the floor and everyone thought she was so cute and sweet. They drew blood for a test and she didn't care. She just laid there. Finally, it was time to leave and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Daddy loaded us up in the Jeep while Mama paid the vet. We then came home and have been relaxing after our busy morning. It's good to be home.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Like Going To The Vet

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