Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tornado Warning Last Night

(Scout wearing her storm buster t-shirt last summer.)

Mama was a nervous wreck last night because we had a tornado warning. The warning was around for at least an hour and a half. It seemed like the storm was never going to get here. It finally arrived and we only had thunder and lightning. There was no rain. Mama had us all prepared to go into the basement. She got aggravated with Daddy because he wanted to go to bed and she couldn't imagine how he could go to sleep when a tornado was coming. Daddy even wanted me and Scout to go outside and we just looked at him. Seriously, he wanted us to go outside during a big lightning storm. It's a good thing we have Mama here. Later, we had another round of storms, but no damage. We got a lot of rain with those storms.

I no longer need my storm buster shirt. That's right, I am now a brave boy without it! I get a little nervous when it storms, but I don't freak out anymore. I just hang out on the big bed or my own bed and wait out the storms. Mama is very proud of me.

The Greyhound Who Survived The Tornado Warning

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