Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Are Not Camping Labor Day Weekend Because...

... We just spent the past four days camping at Sam A Baker State Park.

We both wanted to tell you about our trip, so we are going to do this blog post together.

Jack: We had a lot of fun camping this past weekend. We did a lot of walking.

Scout: We got in the river. Well, I got in the river and laid down.

Jack: I got my ankles wet.

Scout: Yeah, Jack is scared to get his belly wet. He only gets his feet wet. I lay down in the water.

Jack: I have had a bad experience in the water. Don't you remember the time that Mama convinced me it was safe to get in the water and then I fell in a hole and almost went under water?

Scout: Yeah, that was pretty funny. LOL

Jack: Anyway.... I had a great time relaxing outside with Mama and Daddy. Scout stayed inside. She likes the air conditioning. She thinks she's a princess.

Scout: I am a princess. What's the point of laying out in the heat when you can lay on a bed with the air conditioning running? I like comfort.

Jack: It was cold when we woke up Saturday morning. Mama covered us up with a blanket and we waited for our breakfast. Mama makes us really good breakfasts when we camp.

Jack: We took several naps.

Jack: Mama thought it was funny to see Scout's legs sticking up.

Jack: Mama and Daddy ate at the campground restaurant twice and Mama brought us back a piece of her steak the second night. She forgot the first night.

Scout: Daddy said she cleaned her plate and then she remembered us. I can't believe she forgot us.

Jack: I couldn't believe it either. We made her feel guilty though and she remembered us the next night.

Mama said there were hummingbird feeders at the restaurant windows. Here are a few photos from their table.

Jack: The last night we were the only camper in our section of the park. It was strange.

Jack: We were able to walk anywhere we wanted because there wasn't anyone around. Scout however decided she had enough walking and stayed behind. Daddy said she had to go, but then Mama said it would be like pulling a mule. They had to pull her around like a mule Saturday night because she was tired and didn't want to walk.

Scout: Yep, I make a good mule. I like to walk when it's cool not hot, bug-free and when I'm not tired. What's wrong with that?

Jack: You are so spoiled, Scout! I, on the other hand, love walking and spending time outside. I'm a happy guy and think camping is so much fun. I can't wait to go again. Our next trip is for an entire week.

Scout: A whole week! Oh, no!

Jack: It will be fun! The weather will be cool and you will like it.

Scout: It will be exhausting.

Jack: Exhausting, but fun!

Jack and Scout
The Camping Greyhounds

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