Friday, September 3, 2010

The Big Brown Truck

Yesterday, the big brown truck pulled into our driveway. It's always exciting to see him. What could he be bringing us?

I told Mama to hurry up and open it!

What could it be?

Oh, it's a new bed! Yippie! It's really pretty. It sure did smell though. Mama took the cover off of it and washed it and it's much better now.

Mama ordered it from Costco on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. That's fast! It came all the way from Texas. Do you remember last year when Mama ordered us two beds and only one arrived? The lost bed was never found.

This bed is going to be Jack's, but I get to use it too. Jack's old bed is going into the RV because Daddy is tired of carrying beds back and forth. Yes, we have the huge bed in the camper, but we don't like to share that bed at night, so Jack usually sleeps in his bed on the floor.

You know what is funny? Daddy didn't even notice the new bed last night. Mama says what Daddy doesn't know won't hurt him. LOL

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