Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday's Open House

I'm sure you are all anxious to hear the results of the second day of our open house. It went just like day one. No one came! Mama allowed us to stay in the house instead of going to the RV. Her plan was to rush us through the back door and into the RV if anyone pulled in the driveway. We just laid in the living room and listened to the real estate man. He said we were very well behaved and that he wouldn't even know dogs lived in our house if he didn't see us. That mean's we don't smell. LOL

The open houses show that there is no one is interested in our house at all. Wow, that's really sad. We know it is all due to the economy, so we are not taking it personally.

So, our weekend just flew by and while it was disappointing, we are not as sad as we could be. Mama and Daddy are making a change to the listing. They are lowering the price, but they are also removing five acres from the listing, so it's not a true price reduction but it might be enough to bring someone in. If the buyer wants to buy the additional land, then they will have that option. Our house comes off the market around November 1st and we will take a break until the first of January. Daddy says we can't live in the RV during the coldest part of the winter, so that's why we need to take a break just in case someone would buy our house during December.
Mama says the break will be nice and we can all relax for a few months.

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