Monday, September 27, 2010


Fall is here! Fall is our favorite season because it's cool outside. We can walk without bugs getting us. Scout doesn't like bugs at all. She doesn't even like hummingbirds because they buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz. It really freaks her out. Neither of us like horseflies. You should see me, Scout and Mama run when they buzz us.

It's pretty around our house right now. See what nature planted for us. Mama says she will miss the wildflowers when we move.

As you may remember, I love laying out in the sun. Fall is nice because I don't get so hot, but it's hard finding the sun on our deck. This is me three weeks ago. I had a small strip of sun.

Last week, I didn't have any sun on the deck at all. Mama has been moving my bed around inside the house so that I can get my sun beams, but it's not the same.

Saturday night, Mama, Daddy, Scout and I walked through the woods to the lake. Scout had never been there and she was very impressed. It was fun just walking through the woods.

Yesterday, it was only 59 degrees here and it rained off and on. We went to the state park that is only a few miles from our house. We walked through the campground and then walked along a trail. We had a nice time. We came home and Mama made chili, corn bread and peanut butter bread. Yes, fall is in the air here! We napped, watched the Rams and had a nice family day. Oh, the Rams won! It's the first time in two years that they have won at home and the first time in four years that they have won in September. Yes, they have not been playing well, for quite a while, but yesterday was great!!! Mama screamed which scared me a little, but then I realized it was okay.

It was only 45 degrees this morning. I thought it was cold, but Scout thought it was perfect. Mama says that I'm a summer boy and Scout is a winter girl. Scout doesn't want to do anything in the summer, but give her some cool air and she's a wild thing.

The Greyhound Who Loves and Hates Fall

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