Friday, September 10, 2010

Mama Does Wii Fit

Jack and Scout reporting to you on a raining Friday morning.

Our Mama purchased a Wii Fit for her birthday in February. She used it until we started getting the house ready to put on the market and then stopped. She said she didn't want the contractors to see her working out. LOL She's been really working hard at it for the past month.

Scout: I don't like the Wii games.

Jack: What don't you like?

Scout: The music and the yelling.

Jack: There's yelling?

Scout: Yeah, Mama's yelling.

Jack: Mama does get upset when she falls off a cliff or gets hit with a ball.

Scout: Yeah! Wii seems to be pretty violent. There's sweating and cussing.

Jack: We have pictures of Mama playing Wii. Do you want to see?
This is Mama playing the snowball game.

Jack: Seriously people, how many calories can you burn throwing a fake snowball?

Scout: I don't know, but I hope it keeps her from throwing snowballs at us this winter.

Jack: Here is a better picture of her getting ready for the obstacle course.

Scout: She doesn't really look like that.

Jack: No kidding Scout!

Scout: Here she is preparing to be weighed in. She says she looks like a weeble. She can't be a weeble though because weebles don't fall down and Mama falls down. The Wii lady even asked Mama if she falls down a lot. Wii lady told Mama that she is not very balanced.

Jack: Mama says she has lost 7 pounds so far, but she thinks she gained some of it back this week.

Scout: Daddy's been out of town and Mama ate a bag of hot fries.

Jack: Actually, it was two bags, but it wasn't all in one day.

Scout: Well, at least it wasn't all in one day. LOL She needs to stay away from those hot fries.

Jack: You know what I hate most about Wii? It's cutting into my Judge Judy watching. Mama needs to either work out before Judge Judy or after, but not during.

Scout: Jack, you really have a thing for Judy Judge.

Jack: I love Judge Judy!

Jack and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Do Not Wii

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