Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vacation Time!

Sorry we haven't been around much.  We are on vacation and apparently, that means a vacation from blogging, too.  We are doing fine, but we have been busy.  We haven't taken many photos.  :-(

We went trout fishing at Bennett Springs State Park.  I am not sure why they call it trout fishing because I never saw a trout.  Dad doesn't let us near the water because he is worried we might get a hook in a paw or that we might see some old bait and eat it.  We basically just walked around the campground.  Mama always likes taking photos at Bennett Springs, but she only did it as we were driving out of the park, so the photos are not that good.

The "waterfalls" at Bennett Springs.
Yesterday, the folks visited their doctor for their yearly check ups.  Today, Scout and I visited our vet.  Our vet has moved to a new location, so we were a little confused at first, but then we remembered him.

Yep, our vet is really called "My Vet".  It's an easy name to remember.
"When is he going to see me?"

"Why am I here?  I am current on my shots."
Scout has lost four pounds.  We thought it was more.  Mama says it is from all the walking we do.  We walked a ton in Houston and Denver, but not quite as much in Fort Lauderdale, but it is still a lot more than we used to do when we lived in a house.  I gained a pound or two, but the vet says it is because I am so muscular.  I am pretty ripped if I do say so myself.  The pictures really don't show it.  The vet was impressed by my body. 

After the vet visit, we went to the car wash.  It was scary!

Mama thought Scout's expression was really funny in this photo.
Mama picked up her mixer, sewing machine and a clock that the folks bought before they married 27 years ago from Grandma's house.  Mama is happy to have these items with her again.

Cookies are in our future.

The folks are visiting the family today, so Scout and I will hang out in the motor home.  We are exhausted after the vet and the car wash, so we are happy to sleep the day away.

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Think Other Dogs Go To The Vet On Their Vacation.

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