Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Is Located At The End Of Lonely Street?

Heartbreak Hotel, of course!  Our campground is located behind the Heartbreak Hotel.  We are located on the corner of Don't Be Cruel and Blue Suede.  Yep, we are in "Elvis Land".  BOL!   We are surprised that they didn't put us on Hound Dog Lane.   We think we have the nicest site here.  We are a corner site and we have a yard.

The parking lot behind the sign is for Graceland. (This is our front view when a camper is not parked in front of us.)  Graceland is down the street.

Our site.  Definitely a nice yard to take a nap.

There is a huge dog walk area.  It would be perfect if it was fenced.
Dog walk area.

See, there is a lot of room.
 There is supposed to be a walking/bike trail that goes through the woods and a field. The trail ended, so we just walked around.  Unfortunately, one portion of the trail has a lot of broken glass, so we will not be walking in that area again.
The office.  Mama hasn't checked it out yet.
There are several restaurants right outside our campground and lots of Elvis shops.  Mama said she will go exploring tomorrow.

We passed by my old racetrack yesterday.  I refused to look.  I am retired, so no need to think about the past.  I do think I should receive disability since I broke my leg while working. 

Southland -This is where I spent most of my racing days.  I did a short stint in Florida.
The Greyhound Who Is Currently Living At The End Of Lonely Street.  BOL

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