Monday, July 1, 2013

Home Alone With Brownies

Yesterday, Mama decided to make some brownies. Actually, they were a combination brownie and cookie.  She decided to use the oven instead of the microwave/convection oven because the microwave/convection oven really heats up the RV.  It just blows out the heat.  It is great in the winter, but not good in the summer.  It usually raises the temperature about five degrees or more in here and it takes our air conditioning a long time to cool it back down.  On a side note, remember when Mama said that you can't use the microwave right after using the convection oven?  Well, she was wrong.  It can be used right away and she does it all the time. 

Okay, so back to the brownie making.  She used the oven and it only caused the temperature in the RV to go up two degrees, so she will probably use the oven more often now.  She set the brownies out on the counter to cool and then the folks left for dinner.  Yep, she left them uncovered.  As they were paying the bill at the restaurant, Mama remembered the brownies and us.  She got really scared.   They rushed home and on the way she said "I'm sure they didn't eat them.  They don't touch food.  Oh, wait, Scout ate my spaghetti once."  Dad reminded her that there was a bunch of stuff on the floor in front of the counter and that might discourage us from getting near the counter.  (That is a whole other story that we will talk about later this week.) They pulled into our driveway and while Mama was running to get inside to check on us, she bumped her leg on the tow hitch on the car and now she has a big lump.  She opened the door and I was the only one who greeted her which is unusual.  I was licking the sides of my mouth.  She looked at Scout who still in bed and she was licking the side of her mouth.  Mama said "OH NO!"  She ran to the pan of brownies and they were untouched!  Yep, we did good!  We got lots of hugs for being good.  Why were we licking the outside of mouths?  I'm not telling.  BOL!

How were the brownies?  Well, something went really wrong with them.  They turned out to be very hard.  Dad had a heck of a time getting some out of the pan.  It was quite comical.  Dad said there is something sticky on the top of them.  He thought it was caramel.  Mama said it is a cookie dough mix that came in the box.  We don't know what happened to them.  No, really we don't.  Mama usually makes a decent brownie or at least that is what she says.  We are not allowed to have any since they are chocolate.

We think the tent campers are here to stay.  They brought in a dorm sized refrigerator, a cook top and they hung up misters.  They are having trouble with their screened area that goes over their picnic table.  The roof keeps falling in on them.

No luck in getting a decent photo of us for the contest.  Time is running out.

Mama is not going to start on the cross stitch project for a while.  It may be a winter project.  She has other projects going on right now.  She has been knitting with her looms again.

Our new battery for the laptop should be delivered here today.  We hope the battery is the problem and not the cord.  Mama has been on an ordering frenzy because we are leaving here in two weeks and we will not have mail service for at least a month after that.  Bully sticks are on their way, too!!!  We can't run out of those, you know.  They really do keep our teeth clean. Scout has never needed a dental and I'm looking good so far.  Yep, we love our bully sticks.  BOL

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