Friday, June 28, 2013

This And That

Mama heard about a photo contest for campers which means she is pestering us.

She has decided that this is not the look she wants and she should increase the resolution so that pictures are a better quality since it is for the cover of a magazine.  She says the pictures of me remind her of a Seinfeld episode in which George was trying to look sexy. Definitely not the look we want, Mama.

The tent campers are still here.  It rained really hard and their screened tent had issues with it.  The rain was too heavy for the roof and part of it collapsed.

Last night, we were visited by the ducks and two cats.

We have two more weeks here.  I hope something exciting happens because we need blog material.  BOL

Does anyone cross stitch?  Mama bought a pattern of a motor home.  There is currently a small dog in the window of it.  It actually looks like a cat, but the lady said it is supposed to be a dog.  Mama wants to take the dog/cat out and put in two greyhounds.  Anyone experienced with changing a cross stitch pattern?

The Greyhound Who Jumped On The Bed With The Folks Last Night But Wasn't Allowed To Stay  :-(
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