Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Will It Shoot Out?"

Yesterday, I was out walking with Scout and Mama.  Scout was right on my butt.  Mama said "Scout, you better be careful!"  Mama started laughing.  When she stopped laughing, she told us about something that happened with Jack when she first adopted him.  According to the story, Mama was visiting Grandma with Jack.  Mama's nephew who was about eight at the time was visiting.  We will call the nephew "N" to protect his privacy.  BOL!   N had never really been around dogs.  He was fascinated by Jack. Mama took Jack out for a walk and N wanted to go along.  N kept asking Mama all sorts of questions about Jack including his "bathroom habits".   N kept walking directly behind Jack's butt.  Mama kept telling N to give Jack room.  Mama turned around and N was squatted down and his face was inches away from Jack's butt.  Mama told him he better be careful because Jack might need to go to the bathroom.  N said "Is it going to SHOOT OUT?"  BOL!   Poor Jack.  He had to wait for N to leave before he could do his "business".

There isn't much going on here today.  We had storms yesterday.  We may have more today.  The neighbors that ran over the frog have left.  It is now just us and the people behind us.  We can't figure out how many dogs they have.  We see new ones almost every day.  Mama thinks maybe the lady is a dog sitter or something.  The couple is not very friendly, but we still say "hi" to them when we see them. Their black dog is big and he hates us.  He tries to get at us whenever he is out.  His people walk him on a flexi leash.  Mama has a very strong dislike for flexi leashes. She says people don't have control over their dogs when they use them, especially big dogs.

Thanks to Bunny, my half sister, for telling us about the Blogger app.  We didn't know there was one. We loaded it and Mama said she will try it. We are really behind in our apps.   We just found out there is one for finding vets.  It is really good if you travel.  It is by IAMS - Vet 24/7.  It is an Android app.  We don't have a smart phone, but we have a tablet.

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