Sunday, June 9, 2013

....And Then The Rains Came

The rain as seen from our window.
Friday morning started out sunny, but by noon the rains came.  It rained hard and it lasted into the evening.  Our satellite was knocked out.  Mama didn't get nervous until the weather radio started going off saying there was flash flooding.  We went outside when there was a break in the rain and we noticed part of the campground was flooding.  Mama, of course, got nervous.  Our area was fine, but the entrance was flooded.  The field turned into a lake.  The ditch along the side flooded.  The people near us had a lot of standing water under their motor home.  We ended up with over six inches of rain here.  Dad worked in Miami on Friday and they ended up with 13.94"total.  Mama called him and told him to avoid the side streets and Hwy 1 because those areas were flooded.  He called and said he was going 2-3 mph, so he decided to get off the highway and onto the side streets.  Mama was not happy with him. Later, she called him and he said he was getting on Hwy 1, she was really upset with him at that point.   He ended up getting on I-95.  It took him 3.5 hours to get home.  He got home about 8:45 p.m.

Two cats hid under our motor home during the rains.  Do you think that drove me crazy?  Yes, it did!  I checked on them every time we went outside.

Scout sleeps well on rainy days.

Yesterday, the folks set out to find the Super Target.  It wasn't there.  GPS said "you have arrived", but there was no Target.  Mama decided they would just shop at Publix which is a grocery store.  The one nearest to us is old and small, but they decided to try it next week.  After they got back home, Mama looked at the Target website and found another location that was only five miles away.  They went there on their way to dinner and found it!  The street it is on has several restaurants and even a Walmart.  They decided to try the Super Target next week since the lines seem to be shorter there than Walmart.  Mama changed her Emeals to Super Target.  She has been using her Walmart plan at Target, but decided to just switch to Target and see what the menus look like.

There is a lot of road construction around here and that causes our GPS to get confused.  Mama and Dad have ended up on the toll road by accident four times.  They are basically just circling around.  The GPS is a source of a lot of arguments.  Dad thinks he knows more than her (GPS) and Mama defends her.

Our mail didn't arrive on Friday.  Well, it arrived after the office closed, so it couldn't be delivered.  They tried to deliver it yesterday, but the office was closed.  Mama rescheduled it for a Monday delivery.  We hope it makes it.

We are back to four of us living in this section of the park. We had five yesterday, but one couple left.  A camper is supposed to arrive sometime this weekend according to an envelop taped to the office window but they haven't made it yet.

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