Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Day Down, Two To Go

Are you following our green line on the map?  Mama has been updating it each time we stop for gas or a rest area.  You can enlarge it if you click below that little man.  There is a + sign.  It makes it easier to see.

We were sad to leave Texas.  We were happy to see Miss Woe and her Mom before we left.  Mama left her a note with our blog address on it so that we could keep in touch.   We really need to get business cards.

Our travel day was easy. The weather was good.  Traffic was light.  Oh, do you know what we saw today?  Alligators that were roadkill!  Yep, they were just on the side of the road....dead!

We stopped at a rest area that had drinking fountains for dogs.  Louisiana knows how to treat us right.

We are staying at a park we stayed at last year.  We are actually just two sites down from our old site.  They say they have an enclosed dog park. We couldn't find it last year.  We are going to check it out after we take a nap.  We are tired.

Mama burned herself, again, while fixing dinner.  She pulled out a microwave dish and the cheese spilled all over her hand. She screamed.  I thought she was going to start crying.  I was concerned because she said she might not be able to hold our leash.   Dad said he would help her, but will he at 5 a.m.?  She is feeling better after less than an hour, so I think she will be okay. 

The Greyhound Who Is Resting After A Long Day Of  Driving

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