Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two Days Down, One To Go!

We found the dog run area last night.  It was really nice and big.  Scout and I took a run in it this morning.  We did two laps.  The photos are from last night.

There is a swan that lives at the campground and she has a nest of eggs that she is trying to hatch.  The sign told us to leave her alone.

Mama checked the radar as we are heading out this morning and she said "I think we are going to hit rain."  Dad said "Open your eyes and look."  Yep, the rain was headed right at us.

It rained for a while.  We stopped at a rest area in the rain because we thought Scout needed to go, but she didn't.  Oh, she walked and walked and walked.  It turns out that Scout loves walking in the rain.  I don't mind it either.  Nope, no raincoats for us.  We like getting wet.

It rained in Mississippi.

It was sunny when we hit Alabama.

And, of course, it was sunny when we hit the "Sunshine State".

We stopped at a rest area in Alabama and we were swarmed with kids.  They loved us.  One kid said I was his favorite.  Scout usually is the favorite.  I like kids because they are my height.  One girl said we were the same age.  She thought that was cool.

We lost an hour today since we are now in the Eastern Time Zone. 

We wanted to stay at a park that has three fenced dog areas, but they wouldn't answer their phone, so we had to choose another place.  This place is okay, but definitely not a place we would want to stay more than a night. The sites are very close together.  They do not allow you to use your own washer/dryer.  It probably has something to do with their septic system.  They do have cable TV, so that is nice.  The place last night did not.

Mama ordered Pizza Hut tonight.  She was happy about that.  Tomorrow night, she will probably fix dinner when we arrive at our new "home".

Any guesses on where we are headed?  We are in Tallahassee, FL tonight.

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