Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Bed Is Gone!

It happened!  One of our beds has been put in storage in the basement of the motor home.  How rude!  Mama has been re-organizing and purging.  She took the divider out of the dinette bed and then she put our bed in storage.  She said "Kids, look at how much room you have now! Doesn't it look nice?"  We hate when she messes with our stuff.  Actually, we didn't use that bed much anyway and we rarely get on the dinette bed at the same time so that is why she took the divider out  We do get up there when the "Shark" comes out.  That is our vacuum.  We HATE the vacuum. Scout jumps from couch to couch.  We still have the bed on the floor, for now, and we both want that one. It is prime real estate, you know.

I have my own twin sized bed now, but I prefer the couch or the bed on the floor.

"It's my turn for the floor bed, Scout"

"I have squatter rights, Joey!"
The cactus or cacti, whatever it is called, has finally bloomed.  We thought the flowers would be red.  Is anyone else surprised?
Here is another one.  Bees were all over the flowers on this one.
The tent campers are still here.  It rained this morning, so that probably woke them up.  It looks like new people were supposed to show up last night because an envelop is on the office door with their name and site number.  They haven't arrived yet.  They are supposed to be one site over from us.  Yep, more people watching for us.  BOL!

Scout did some posing for the camera this morning.  She is such a ham!

That is about all the news from here.  Mama will work on more organizing next week.  She needs to buy more of those space bags for clothes.  She wants to organize the space underneath the dinette bed.  The bench seats are actually storage areas and right now it is stuffed full of coats, sweatshirts and dog toys.  She hopes she will have more space with the space bags.  When we go home for a visit, she wants to pick up her sewing machine and she hopes it will fit in that area.

The Greyhound Who Is Told He Should Be Happy With A Twin Sized Bed

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