Sunday, December 20, 2015

Traveling Through California

We left my favorite campground today.

I am upset that we are leaving.

Do we really have to go?
 I didn't even look at the office when we drove past.  I just couldn't.  It wasn't open yet anyway because we left at first day light.  I was fine once we got on the road though.  Mom said I was the best I have been riding in the RV.  Normally I whine a lot and don't want to lay down.  However, Mom put my favorite bed where I could get to it and I lounged for most of the trip.  It's the bed that I love that is also my outside bed. She brought it inside last week and I have been sleeping in the bedroom with them.  She said she would never put a bed in there again after Scout died because she has to step over it, but I started sleeping in there on a rug. She added a few blankets to make it more comfy and then decided to give in and give me a bed.  I have been a happy boy since then.  I wake up chattering now. 

It was about a 7 hour drive today.  We stopped two times for gas.  We really stopped once just to get propane, but we couldn't reach it, so we just got gas.  We stopped at one rest area and ate lunch. It was an easy drive.  About a half hour before we reached the campground, Mom's side window blew open.  It is the kind of window that cranks out.  She tried to crank it in, but it was broke.  She yanked the screen off and grabbed it with her fingers and tried to hold it in while we were going down the highway.  She was scared it was going to break off.  Finally, we saw an exit ramp and we pulled over. We had to work fast because the ramp was not large enough for a tractor trailer to get by us if they needed to do so.  Dad couldn't fix it, so he took my leash and made a sling out of it.  Mom had to hold it shut like that.  It was funny.  Finally we arrived at the campground and I got my leash back.

My leash holding the window shut.

Everyone knows that when you have an RV, you must open cabinets slowly after traveling because things shift.  Well, Mom forgot that rule when she opened the fridge.  A quart of flavored drink that Mom had in a pitcher flew out and spilled all over her jeans, shoes, and the floor rugs.  She knew she should have emptied the pitcher before we left this morning.  She had to change clothes and wash everything.  It was a purple flavored drink.  Yep, messy.

She thought she had broke her camera after she dropped it today.  The display quit working.  She played with it for a while and it seems okay, but its' days are probably pretty limited. 

The folks took me for a short walk around the campground. There is a nice dog area.  I haven't found the treat window here.

 It really wasn't a bad day and Mom isn't even upset at everything that went wrong.  I think it's because I was such a good boy for her.

Monique, I miss you, but I am doing okay.  I hope you are okay and not missing me too much.

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