Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Settled Into Our New Place

We arrived at our current location on December 23rd.  However, we were in a temporary site because the place was full.  We had water and electric, but no sewer.  That meant the folks had to take "navy showers" and Mom couldn't do laundry.  Mom hates not having a sewer.  Yesterday, a man came by and pumped out our tanks because they were getting pretty full.   Mom didn't take any photos.  She said it was embarrassing seeing the contents of our tanks being driven around the campground.  BOL!

The employees here are very nice.  As soon as we arrived, they came out to help us get into our site.  I think it would have been difficult without their help, but they made it easy. Then, they took us to see the site we would be moving to when it became available.

The view from our temporary site.

Our site

Yes, it was a chilly day.

There is a lady walking without a DOG!  What is the point?

Ducks, lots of ducks!  There are three ponds.

This reminds us of Missouri. 
This place is hilly.  See the RVs at the top?

This place is really hilly.  We were at the bottom of the hill so anywhere we walked, we had to go up.  Mom was fine with that except at 5 a.m. and 9 p.m.  She likes easy walks at that time.  I love walking the hills.  It builds up my butt muscles.

Today, we moved to our "permanent site".  We were again helped to our site and again, they made it easy. They asked one our neighbors to move their truck so that we had more room to back in and then they directed us in.  We are now on top of a hill.  We are not at the highest point, but we don't have to climb a hill to walk now.  I am sure we will still do a few laps around the park though.  It is 1.25 miles around the park if we stay on the main road.

Here I am riding the slide.  The slide is coming in and I am just chilling.  Scout used to ride it like a surf board.

Wait, what was that?

Here I am at our new site.  We have a nice patio!

We are above some RVs now.

The view looking at the street.
I didn't tell you where we are, did I?  We are near San Diego.  It gets colder at night than we expected.  Our water lines froze the other night.  The scooter had ice on it this morning.  We are hoping that it is a little bit warmer up on this hill.  We get sun here. We didn't when we were at the bottom.

We are not close to town, so Mom will not be riding Buddy. We are able to get mail here and Mom is excited about that.  We haven't had regular mail service since November 2014 except for a quick stay at a park in September.  We are getting mail tomorrow!

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