Saturday, December 19, 2015

It Is Time To Move On

It is time for us to pack up the rig and move on.  I really liked it here and I am sad to leave.  I am going to miss the office ladies.  Monique always gave me extra treats.  I gave her some photos of me and my business card so that she can follow my travels.  Mom says some places are harder to leave than others and this is one of them.  I don't know why we have to leave.  The weather is nice and the treats are plentiful here.

We have been in Pleasanton, CA since October 11th.  It is a small town in between San Jose and San Francisco.  Dublin and Livermore are nearby towns.  Pleasanton has a really nice farmers market every Saturday.  Mom was surprised to see the downtown area busy even on week days.  It is a really nice town.

Mom has put over 150 miles on Buddy since we have been here.  She has been buzzing all around.

This morning, the lady with all the birds left.  She is headed home to AZ.  She said she is done with the RV lifestyle.  They had trouble bringing their slides in and she was very upset.  They finally got them in and off they went.  One day she locked herself out of the RV and Mom and a neighbor who looks and acts like my Grandpa Bruce helped her get back inside.  Yesterday, she brought over a Hickory Farms cheese and sausage sampler for us.  Mom felt bad that she didn't get her anything.  I loved hearing and watching her birds.

We are going to take our time getting to our next destination.  It is a two day drive, but we are taking four.  Any guesses where we are going?

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