Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Old Time Soda Fountain and Medical Museum

Mom has been wanting to eat lunch at a place that is described as an old time soda fountain.  Today was the day.

Stacy's Old Tyme Soda Fountain

Root Beer Float
Mom said it was fun eating there.  A pharmacy shares the room. The pharmacy opened in 1929.

After lunch, Mom walked down the street to the Holmes Medical Museum.  The building was the actual first hospital in this county.  It opened in 1936.  The museum is free to visit.  The second floor still has many items that were in the hospital.

This was the delivery room.

Surgeries were performed in here.
New mothers stayed in this room.

This is where the meals were prepared.  It has been updated.

Waiting room/conference room

This was the nurses' quarters.

The first nurse.
There were lots of medical instruments, but apparently Mom didn't take photos of them.

She said she was a little nervous because she kept hearing the floor squeak, but she thought she was all alone in the museum.  Then a man appeared and said "Isn't this great?!"  Mom said it was and it was really great that it was him that she was hearing walking around.  BOL!  She said it really was an interesting place to visit.

After Mom got home, we did our normal afternoon thing which is catching some rays outside.  We then went to the dog park. We ran, we dug and we relaxed.

I'm relaxing in the hole I dug.  Fun times!
The Greyhound Who Is Becoming A Champion Digger

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