Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Is Over

We planned to update our blog sooner than today, but the days get away from us.  Our internet doesn't work once the sun goes down and our days are usually busy.  Mom does whatever she does when she leaves us and when she comes back, we walk, dig and relax in our yard.

Our Christmas was nice.  We started our day off wearing our new hoodies. Scout was not happy at all about it.

We decided to stick together on the embarrassing walk.
 After our walk, we enjoyed time outside.  People came by and petted us.

Scout prefers shade.

I dug a really big hole and Scout decided to check it out.
We then came inside and relaxed.

Mom gave us each a Frosty with whipped cream on top!

After dinner, we took a walk.

This is our neighbor.  It took him a week to put up all his decorations. 

We really like the Santa on the roof and the big Christmas tree.

Here it is during the day.  That deer made me a little nervous. It is strange.
There were a lot more lights throughout the park, but we didn't get pictures.

We have been getting a lot of rain lately.  I really miss being able to sit outside.  Today, even though it is cloudy and misting, we took a very long walk because Mom said I needed it.   Scout and I are pretty tired now and hope to sleep this dreary day away.

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