Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It Is Not Cold In The South - Stone Mountain, GA

We left the Baltimore area on November 23rd.   It took us a little while to get out our site since the motor home would not start.  We had to jump it with the Jeep.  Then, the leveling jack was stuck again.  Dad had to push it to make it go up.  Lastly, the air brakes didn't want to stay aired up.  Mom wasn't too worried because we had a week to get to our Alabama destination.

Dad was on vacation last week, so we decided to have some fun.  We stopped at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. We didn't expect many people to be there since it was Thanksgiving week. We didn't actually make our reservations until Sunday night and we were lucky to get in.  The campground was packed.  When we pulled next to our site, Mom was nervous.  It looked like it was going to be tough backing the motor home into it.  There were trees all around.  Campers love to watch other campers back into their spots and this place was full of spectators.  There was a family of five sitting in their chairs watching.  The people across the street had their eyes glued on us too. There was no less than 10 people watching, hoping for a problem.  Mom got out and directed Dad in like a pro.  She used the BIG hand signals that she learned in boot camp and Dad made it in one try!  The lady across the street was definitely disappointed.  BOL!

Our site.
Stone Mountain has a nice Christmas camping package going on.  The package the folks chose included two 2-day unlimited passes to the activities.  The activities included shows, touring houses, riding the train, riding the tram to the top of the mountain and touring museums.  There is a village that is all decorated for Christmas and there is a parade held at night with Santa.  Rudolph and his friends are also there.  Mama really enjoyed the lights. We also received firewood and s'more making supplies with our package.

S'more making supplies. I am waiting for the marshmallows to be opened.

We enjoyed walking around the park and meeting people.  We met another greyhound named Zippy. He must have been a good racer because he was not adopted until he was five.  He is from Tampa.

The folks visited Stone Mountain twenty plus years ago. It has changed since that time.  They were told it is now owned by Dollywood and there is a lot more to do there now.

Mom wasn't really fond of going to the top of the mountain on their last visit, but Dad wanted to do it again.

This is what you ride to the top.
The carving as seen from the tram aka Summit Skyway.

Dad on the mountain.

Trees can grow anywhere, I guess.

View from the mountain.

Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis
 The folks visited a museum and also watched a film about the carving.  They found it very interesting.
View from the ground.
The park offers visitors a chance to place in the snow.  It is man-made snow.

Snow tubing

View from tram.
Ready to see the lights?

We highly recommend visiting Stone Mountain for the holidays.  We had a lot of fun!

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