Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exciting As It Gets Here

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that when we arrived here we were given a book of rules.  One of the rules stated that dogs were not allowed to walk through the campground.  We were recently told that we could walk through, if we stayed on the road and immediately left the area if another dog decided to bark at us.  Saturday night we were on a walk.  We were outside the park and we saw Dad drive by heading home after work.  We wanted to go home, but Mom wanted us to do our business.  She is all about us doing our business at night because she doesn't want us to wake her up in the middle of the night.  We decided to walk through the park.  Scout found something good to eat. She started eating it before Mom realized it and then started coughing.  We moved along from the area.  I was walking along nicely and then Mom flashed the flashlight on me and saw that I had a big  t-bone steak bone sticking out of my mouth.  I normally do not argue with her when she tells me to release something, but it was a good bone.  Finally, I released it and we went on our way.  All of a sudden, we were surrounded by two ankle biters wearing sweaters!  Scout is really afraid of small dogs.  Mom says it is like seeing an elephant and a mouse.  Scout was trying to get away and I was also dancing.  Mom told the dogs to go home, but they didn't.  Mom then started yelling "YOUR DOGS ARE LOOSE!"  There was no response.  It was dark outside and these two little Yorkies were out on their own.  Mom yelled "YOUR DOGS ARE LOOSE, COME GET YOUR DOGS!" three more times.  No one ever showed up.  She had a heck of a time getting us away from them.  She finally did and we made it home.  Did we do our business?  NOPE!

We have seen the dogs since that night.  They bark at us from their motor home.  That is against the rules. 

Scout said she had a nice birthday.  She received a lot of birthday wishes yesterday.  Mom did give her a pedicure which Dad said wasn't right since it was her birthday, but she got half a hot dog as a reward.

We survived the cold weather.  Mom wouldn't let us walk our two miles until today.  We thought we should have done it yesterday, but she didn't think we should since it was below freezing.  We saw Beckett's Mom and said good-bye to her today.  Beckett had just completed his walk and was inside napping.  It was nice to have another greyhound close by.  We will miss seeing him.

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