Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Harpers Ferry, WV

Sunday, the folks set out to shop at Camping World.  The nearest one according to the website said it was 63 miles away.  WRONG!  It turned out to be 120 miles.  BOL!   They realized the mistake when they put the address into the GPS.  They decided to continue on their journey because Dad wanted to visit Harpers Ferry and it was on the way.  They also really wanted to buy a device that we can hook up to our motor home that allows us to use an external propane tank.  We have an internal one, but if we run out when Dad is not with us, we can't get it filled.  The place we are going to stay in Alabama doesn't have propane and Mom will have to go to town to get it.  She wanted to get this device last year because it will give her peace of mind.  So, their first stop was Camping World.  Mom said they probably spent an hour there shopping. Dad loves Camping World.  He is going to be jealous that we will be near one in Alabama. 

They had planned on eating lunch at one of the restaurants in Harpers Ferry, but since it took them about 3.5 hours to get there, they didn't have time.  They ate at McDonalds instead.

The admission to Harpers Ferry National Park was $10.  There is a shuttle bus that takes visitors to the town because there is limited parking. 

Harpers Ferry is a town full of history.  The following is taken from the History of the Town of Harpers Ferry: (http://historicharpersferry.com/more/history.php) 
- visited by George Washington on his very first surveying expedition at the age of 17.  
- was cited by Thomas Jefferson, after a visit, as such a beautiful spot that it was worth a trip across the Atlantic.
- was the starting place of the Lewis and Clarke expedition.
 - was the site of the first crossing of the Potomac by a railroad, on the first structural steel bridge in the world.   
- was the industrial town where using interchangeable parts in a manufacturing process was first invented and proven practical. - was the site of the John Brown raid which precipitated the Civil War.
- was the first command of Stonewall Jackson, who raised and trained his famed Brigade here.
- was the site of three Civil War battles, the major one involving over 30,000 troops on both sides which resulted in the largest surrender of US troops until Bataan in WWII.  
- was a bastion of elevating African Americans, with the first real academic college (Storer College) to educate freed slaves in all aspects of higher learning, rather than sewing and other trades.  
- was the site of the Founding in the US of the Niagara movement, which later evolved into the NAACP. - was a town which, despite unfortunate racism by some, way before its time encouraged African-American entrepreneurs, one of whom built and managed the fabled Hilltop House Hotel.
 - was a major retreat center in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century for many notables, including seven presidents, Mark Twain, and many others.  
- was cited by art history experts as the most "painted town" in America, because of its spectacular scenery.

The Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet in Harpers Ferry.  This has resulted in several major floods which has caused the city to rebuild numerous times. 

Buildings are set up so that visitors can tour them on their own.  Rangers are also located throughout the town and are happy to answer questions. The folks toured a boarding house, general store and several museums.  They only covered part of the town since they only had about two hours.  There are several restaurants and small shops also in the town.  Mom said it is really a nice town. She wishes they had more time to tour it.

Mom left her camera at home, so these are from her cell phone. 

A little to the left is where the rivers meet.

Hikers hop on the Appalachian Trail here.

Church is at the top of the hill.  Mom liked the rocks.
This area is so full of history.  The folks wish we had more time here, but it is time for us to move on. We will be here for a few more days and then we will head south where we hope we will have a warm winter.

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