Thursday, November 6, 2014

Exploring History In Philadelphia

Saturday night and Sunday, it was really windy.  Mom told Dad that our satellite could fly off the roof.  He told her it wouldn't.  Well, they were gone on Sunday and one minute we were watching TV and the next thing you know, we heard something slide across our roof and then our TV went out.  It was freaky!  As soon as Mom walked in the door we ran to her and told her the horrors we had experienced because we also lost electricity for a while.  She said she knew about the TV because when they pulled up, they saw the satellite.

Dad was right, it didn't fall off.  It just hung there.  BOL!
So, what was so important that the folks left us on a windy Sunday?  They drove to Philadelphia.  They paid $16 in tolls and $17 to park.  All the sightseeing was free though.  They visited Independence Hall which is where the Declarations of Independence was signed.

Independence Hall

This building is all about Thomas Jefferson. It has a draft of the Declaration of Independence. It is located in the square with Independence Hall. Do you see the gold leaf floating down?

The back of Independence Hall.  This is where you wait for the tour.

Another shot of the back of the building.

This child wanted to take leaves home with her as a souvenir.
This is a court room inside Independence Hall.

The person on trial stood in the metal box.  Kind of makes them look guilty, don't you think?

This is where the Declarations of Independence was signed.


The tour then moved to the second floor. The second floor contains the Governor's Office, the long gallery and a committee for the general assembly.

George Washington

Outhouse in front of Independence Hall
 We will continue our tour in the next post as this is getting rather long with all the photos.

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