Saturday, November 1, 2014

Today Is A Special Day

Seven years ago today, a very special greyhound was born.  Any guesses who?

IT WAS ME!!!!  Was there any doubt?  BOL!

Since it is my day, I am going to show you pictures of me. I am a hound that is full of personality as I think you will see from my photos.

I am cool.

Adventurous.  Heading out on our HUGE adventure.
Pitiful - after my surgery.
Brave - my corn is being removed in front of a crowd. :::GULP:::
Nervous - looking for bears in Montana
Demanding - Scout taught me this.  BOL!
Determined - just look at the tongue action.

Funny - I have a great sense of humor.

Entertainer - working the crowd in Abilene, KS

Dapper - Yep, I look darn good in a top hat!
Who wouldn't love me?  BOL!

Mom did have a talk with me and told me I was now an adult and I have to behave better on walks.  You see, I don't like turning around.  I walk great on going, but I don't like coming back.  I drag as much as I can.  It really aggravates Mom.  People in the neighborhood have noticed and have commented and laughed.  Mom doesn't think it is funny.  :::shrugs shoulders:::

The Greyhound Who Is Seven Today!

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