Friday, November 7, 2014

Exploring History In Philadelphia - Part 2

After the folks toured Independence Hall, they toured the building where the first Senate and the first House of Representatives met.

Independence Hall as seen through the window.
 The folks then walked down the street to eat lunch. They ate at the Red Owl Tavern.  It is not a tourist place.  Mom thought they would be able to eat at an old place that had some history, but they really didn't see anything. This was a modern place with a hotel attached. 

Dad had a three meat hash.  It was brunch.

Mom had the Red Owl Burger - which is:
beef with onion marmalade, crispy bacon, aged cheddar, herb sauce, brioche bun, herb seasoned fries
 Mom was surprised that she liked the burger, but she did.  She really liked the onion marmalade.

The folks then got in line to see the Liberty Bell.  It took about a half hour to get inside the building. The reason it took so long was because they had to go through security.  They make you lift your coat and turn around.  Mom did it, but then a second guard got rude with her and told her to lift her coat.  She told him she already had and another guard came to her defense and agreed that she had. She probably shouldn't have talked back to him, but he was so rude about it. That is probably why the line was so long because they make people lift and twirl twice.   After they got through security, it was like everyone was gone.  Mom said they must not have looked at any of the exhibits.

There it is!

You can see Independence through the window.  Pretty awesome!
 It was getting late in the day, but Dad wanted to walk down the street to the Ben Franklin area.  They only had time to see his grave.

He is buried right by the sidewalk.
 Then then saw him walking down the street and Dad said "Ben will be in for a shock when he crosses the street and sees his grave."  :::rolling eyes::::

The folks then visited the gift shop where they bought a magnet. They collect magnets. We have a lot of them from our travels. Mom also got her passport book stamped.

There is so much to see there.  The folks only covered about two blocks.  Mom wanted to see the steps that Rocky ran up, but not on this trip.

After they got home, they tried to get the satellite to work without success.  (Mom did get it to work on Tuesday.) They ordered a pizza and were told it would take an hour to be delivered.  They are only a mile from us, but Dad said that was fine.  They called us 1 hour and 15 minutes later stating they couldn't find us, so the pizza had come back to them.The delivery driver doesn't carry a phone it appears.  Dad said he would meet the delivery guy at the gate.  They said it would take him 20 minutes.  It took him 40 minutes.  Was the pizza good?  Well, it was cold, very cold. They did not give a discount or a coupon.  We just ended up with a pizza that needed to be microwaved.  Appropriate reviews have been left.  BOL!

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