Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Quick Update On My Birthday

As you know, Saturday was my birthday.  It was a rainy day here.  We had to stay inside which was a real bummer as I didn't get to take my two mile walk.

Don't I look sad?

What?  UPS brought me a gift? is not exactly something that I can chew on or toss in the air.

The black feeder is my gift.  The beige feeder is our old one.
The feeder is nice because I really don't have to bend over to eat or drink from it.  Mom wanted it because it is supposed to hold 47 pounds of food.  It doesn't.  We bought a 30 pound bag and it was completely full.  What is up with that?  Dad said maybe it is due to the size of the kibble.  Mom does like it because it has a locking lid which makes it easy to move around. 

My birthday was spent with Mom and Scout.  We watched Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel all day. Yes, Christmas movies on November 1st.  Dad had to work.

I wonder what Scout will get for her birthday in a few weeks.  I hope it is something a little more fun than my gift.

Update on mysterious neighbor who left suddenly.  We saw him yesterday while we were walking.  He drove past us and pulled into a driveway.  We were going to ask him where he was living now, but he took off to the back of the house fast.  BOL!  We saw him again today cutting their grass.  We know he does do handyman work, but it seemed like he was trying to get away from us yesterday.  

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