Friday, November 14, 2014

Rule Breakers?

We have started walking through the campground.  BOL!  Are we breaking the rules?  According to the rule book, we are.  The office ladies told us it was fine as long as we stayed on the street and did not walk on the sidewalk or through sites.  They told us if another dog barks at us that we should leave the area because there will be complaints.  The first time we walked with Dad, these dogs started barking their fool heads off at us.  Did their parents do anything about it?  Of course not!  We heard them say "Oh, they are barking at those dogs."  So, they were breaking the rules, too.  Nothing happened to us though.  The office ladies like us.

Here we are enjoying a warm day this week.
 The following photos are from parts of the park that we were not allowed to see until now.

Do I look different?  I am harness-free.  Mom found that I walk better for her without it.  I prefer to wear it because it gives me more control over Mom.

This is a wrecked boat that we see from our site.

The cold weather finally reached us last night.  They put heat tape on our faucet so that it wouldn't freeze and we have heat tape on our water hose.  We didn't get below freezing though, but we will tonight.  It was 36 when we took our walk this morning. Mom only let us walk a mile instead of our normal two.  We wanted to go for two.

I tried on Jack's jammies the other day. They are a little tight, so Mom says she will make an adjustment.  I didn't like the taking off process, so I screamed.  I haven't worn them since.

Mom said that Jack always smiled like this when he wore them.

Scout cleaning out the peanut butter jar.
Our dryer is broke!  It doesn't heat anymore.  :-(  The washer still works though.  Mom is now hanging clothes lines in the bedroom.  Dad hasn't had a chance to look at it.   It's always something.

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