Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Left Two Greyhound Town Today!

We went to the meet and greet today. Here we are heading out of Two Greyhound Town.

We drove and drove and drove. It takes about 40 minutes to get there.
We finally arrived and Pinky was there along with Jayden. Pinky is already adopted. She is white with a brindle patch on her butt. She's pretty. Jayden is black with some white. He seems like a cool dog. He loves being petted and having his tummy rubbed. Mama says he will find a home soon, but unfortunately the economy is hurting adoptions right now. He is in a foster home right now, but he is wanting to find his forever home.

We stayed until the end of the promo. We were worn out at the end. We took a few naps when there were not any people petting us.

After we got home, we went straight to bed. What do you expect? We are retired, you know. We only work about one day out of the month at promos, if that.

Your friend,
A very tired Jack

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