Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm not fired!

Mama said that I am not fired. She said she understands how hard it is to stay awake when the room is nice and warm and Mr. Sunbeam is shining down on me. I was really worried because I couldn't imagine what other job she might find for me. We all need to contribute to the household chores here.

I was fired from my previous job. Scout has that job now. Scout is in charge of helping Mama bring firewood in from the screened porch. You want to know why I got fired? You are not going to laugh are you? It's kind of embarrassing. Okay, here it is. I peed on the wood. Nature called and I was outside on the screened porch, well, it seems like the outside and anyway, I saw the wood and figured it was okay. It wasn't. Mama says wet wood doesn't burn well and she really didn't want to burn pee soaked wood, so I was fired right there and then. I TOLD YOU IT WAS EMBARRASSING!

I'm hiding my head in shame now.

The not so greyt hound,

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