Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vacations Are FUN!

Hi Everyone,

It's me Jooeey! I'm back from my first vacation. It was fun! We went trout fishing, but I never saw any trout. Daddy fished and Scout and I stayed behind with Mama. I spent the mornings looking out the windows of the RV and whining every time I saw a dog. Yep, it was fun. Scout and I laid outside for a while, but there were bees and flies. I don't like bees or flies.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us Monday - Wednesday. Daddy and Grandpa fished. Grandpa caught two rocks, two dead fish and I think one or two live fish. It's a good thing we brought other food along for dinner. LOL Daddy did much better, but he didn't keep any of the fish.

We stayed at this place called Bennett Springs. Scout has been there several times and there were two people who remembered her and Jack from last year.

On Thursday, we took a car trip to Ha Ha Tonka. It's a place that Mama loves. I got to walk on a trail, but not very far because of my leg. Next year, we are going back and I'm going to walk the whole trail because I found that trail walking is FUN! There is a beautiful lake there and we walked along it. We have no pictures because our camera battery went dead. :::sigh:::

Here are some pictures from our trip.

We brought our bully sticks along.

Me, looking cute.
Scout doing what Scout does. She had a fun trip because the weather was cool and we didn't walk a lot.
Scout and I napping.

Me and Daddy talking to two men about greyhounds and racing.Two turkey vultures. They are all over waiting to catch their own trout. Me and Daddy walking.

Thursday night, Mama and Daddy decided to go to the lodge to eat dinner. I didn't want to go in my crate. Mama said I had to go in my crate. Well, you should have seen Mama's face when Scout and I greeted her at the door when she returned. Yep, I escaped from my crate and to even protest more, I took my sock off. Mama and Daddy were both shocked. LOL Guess what? I haven't been zipped in my crate since. I think my crate days are over! Mama says we will see since I still have a cast on my leg, but the past two nights, I have slept in my crate, but I haven't been zipped in. I'm being a good boy.

We were sad to have our vacation come to an end, but we are excited about next week. Do you know why? Next Saturday, I'm getting my cast off! I think Mama is even more excited than I am.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Vacations Are Fun!

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