Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, I am not happy with keeping quiet. I did fine during the day, but once 5 p.m. rolls around, this fun guy is ready to PARTY! I want to run through the house and I want to play with toys. Mama zipped me in my crate last night Can you believe that? You would think Daddy would help me, but no, he is even worse. I really gave Mama the stink eye last night.

Mama is really concerned about my cast sores. She stayed up last night researching them on the Internet and basically found out that they can take a long time to heal. Our vet is off today, but she may call him tomorrow to ask more questions. Has anyone had experience with them? Our vet said to put Neosporin on them. We are doing that three times a day and after we do that, we but a little gauze on them so that my cast does not get damp from the Neosporin. The sores are under the cast, but the vet left a space so that they could be treated. Mama then puts a sock on me so that I don't lick the area. Yesterday afternoon, Mama took the sock off so that my sores could get some air, but overnight, I have to wear the sock. This morning, the sores do look a little better. Mama just doesn't know if they will actually heal while the cast is still on because the cast does seem to rub them a little when I walk even though she tries to keep gauze on the sores. The gauze falls out. So, that's the reason I need to stay quiet, so that my sores can heal. I'm on antibiotics.

Mama is having computer problems. We can't get the pictures on the blog to move around the way we want. :::sigh::: We can no longer use our favorite browser, Firefox. She tried to download other browsers and they will not open. We are not sure what has happened, but something changed on our computer on Friday. Our computer is old. We have a Windows XP. We have to use Internet Explorer now and it is so slow. Mama is a frustrated Mama these days. We have a laptop, but the space bar sticks so typing on it is a real pain. She has tried to fix it, but it still sticks. It's a good thing we are going on vacation soon.

The Greyhound Who Hates Cast Sores

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