Friday, October 7, 2011

Almost Time For Vacation

We are getting ready for vacation! I have never been on vacation before. I don't know what to take for sure since this is my first long trip. Mama said I should take my favorite stuffie which is a frog that says "ribbit, ribbit". I cry when I hear him but that's because I'm so excited. I sat on him the other night and he kept ribbiting and I didn't know where he was. Mama pulled him out from under my butt and that solved the problem. I'm also bringing my bully sticks, frosty treats, soft-crate and an extra bed, just in case. Scout is bringing her favorite stuffie which is a green dog. Scout is not thrilled about going camping. She would rather stay home.

I don't know why she doesn't want to see new things, but she doesn't.

Mama is going grocery shopping today for our trip. She has decided to take her E-mealz plan camping with us for three of the meals. She thinks that will be easier than planning the meals which end up being the same thing when we camp. She is still loving this E-mealz plan. She loves not having to plan the meals and the food is different all the time. My food is the same, but apparently, she and Daddy get new things every night.

I think I'm going to like camping food this time. I ate a hot dog the other day and I liked it!

The Greyhound Who Is Going On Vacation Soon!

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