Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Go Cards!

Hi everyone! It's me, Joey. I said it right today. LOL The world series starts tonight and the St. Louis Cardinals are playing. That's my team! I didn't even know about baseball until recently. I've been wearing my ID tag with the Cardinal logo on it and I think it's bringing them good luck.

I wasn't really interested in baseball until I saw that squirrel run across home base in that one game. Did you see that? People around here have gone squirrel crazy.

Mama ordered me the Cardinal ID tag because she said when she sees the Cardinal logo, it reminds her of her Dad. I never met him because he died suddenly in 1987. Mama said she has a lot of memories of the Cardinals and her Dad. She said that she remembers when they signed Ozzie Smith and her Dad said that he heard he was a good player. Yep, he was. She also remembers him saying that they sent Kenny Reitz to running school. She never knew if that was really true, but she remembers him saying that and there is not a season that goes by that she doesn't think about it.

Mama said to say that her nose is fine today, but it hurt for a few hours yesterday. She told Daddy about it and he laughed. He's away on business this week.

Mama turned on her Wii Fit last night. I had not seen that thing before and it's wild. Mama was flapping like a bird and Scout and I thought she was wanting to pet us. Mama does some silly things, that is for sure.

Three more days and my cast comes off ..... I hope. I'm ready. I'm able to do steps now without the sling. I'm no longer on any medication. I've been on medication since August, so that's quite a change in our routine. Scout really tried to get me to play yesterday, but I didn't. She was barking at me, but I was a good boy. I need to wait until my cast comes off and I may need to wait even longer after that. I don't know what my restrictions will be, but I will know soon.

The Greyhound Who Is Excited About The Cardinals

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