Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas!

Mama told us that we were not going to have a tree this year. She reminded us that last year we were not happy that the tree took up some of our play area. We also were "corrected" a few times for getting too interested in the ornaments. Daddy doesn't care if we decorate or not, but he told us that if we didn't have a tree then Santa wouldn't visit us. WHAT?! Santa won't come? Well, we told Mama we have to have a tree. She said she would look for a small table top tree. She couldn't find anything that she liked. Then, I remembered that we have a rustic tree in the basement. We've decorated it and put it on our porch a few times, but Mama never thought about using it indoors.

Mama brought the rustic tree upstairs and set it in the foyer in front of the window. She put lights on it and a few ornaments. We supervised her and celebrated when she finished by throwing our toys in the air and playing a song with our squeakies.

Here's our tree.
We live in a rustic type of house, so we think it looks nice. It solves all of our problems because Santa will now visit, the tree is out of our way and Mama has always wanted to have a tree in front of the window but never has before.

Mama said we will put up our stockings on the fireplace this weekend and we will add a few more decorations around the house. Christmas time is fun!!!!

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