Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Found Presents!

I think I found my Christmas presents. I was walking through the closet and I looked up and way at the top of a pile of junk, I saw this:

It has to be mine. It looks huge!

Then, I decided that Scout's present had to be around some where. I walked into the next closet and I saw TWO huge bones! I have never seen a bone that big before. We will be chewing on those bones for a long time. There is a bag that looks like it has a stuffie in it. That is probably Scout's, but I know she will share it with me.

I thought that Santa brought presents. I don't understand how the presents got here already and how come they are not wrapped? Maybe there isn't really a Santa, but I met him last year. I'm really confused!

The Greyhound Who Found His Presents Early

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