Friday, July 1, 2011

A Package Arrived

Today, the UPS man came by. He has never been here before. I know, we have been here almost three months and Mama doesn't know the UPS man yet. It is shocking!

What do you think is in the box?

That's right! It's the bed for my new brother. We don't even have him picked out yet and his bed is already here. Costco ships really fast. Mama just ordered it Wednesday and it's here already.

Mama said she will wash it and then I can use it to get it seasoned for him.

Thanks for all the responses about using items from your previous pets. Mama followed Camie's Kitties suggestion and placed Jack's name tag on her key ring. She had just bought the tag recently since we just moved here and she updated both our tags. She will now have Jack with her whenever she leaves the house. The tag says it all - a crown above his name, and lucky dog underneath. That was our Jack. BTW, our address is on the back of the tag in case you are wondering.

The Greyhound Who Heard The UPS Man Will Be Back On Tuesday With Something For Her

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