Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Jack's Gotcha Day

Today would have been Jack's 5th Gotcha Day. It's the day he was adopted by Mama and Daddy. We are trying not to be sad. We are trying to smile and laugh when we think about him because he was a funny guy. He could always make Mama laugh.

We have started the search for a new brother for me. I'm excited because I'm pretty lonely. It's much more fun taking walks with another dog than just walking alone. Jack used to point out the good things to sniff. I used to like to run laps around Jack and now I'm just running around Mama. It's not the same.

Mama ordered a new dog bed for my future brother. She said that he needs something that is just his and not a hand me down. Mama said she may let the new guy wear some of Jack's collars but probably not Jack's favorite. She said she will see how she feels once he is here. If you lost a brother or sister, did the new brother or sister use things that belonged to the one who died?

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