Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Jack Is Gone

I'm typing to you with tears as I tell you that my Jack is gone. I know you are all as shocked as we are. He broke his femur this morning. We took him to the vet who took X-rays and then we were told to go to the emergency vet. It was determined that he had the dreaded cancer. I knew in my heart he would get it some day. There are so many greyhounds who do. We chose not to amputate because for one I had already decided if either of my greyhounds faced the cancer, I would not do that and for the second reason, it wasn't just in his leg.

I enjoyed every day with Jack. I really was thankful every day that he was healthy. The dog I had before him had lived for 15 years and probably the last three years, she had many ailments. I wanted to adopt a young dog and hoped I would have several healthy years with him. Jack was 2.5 years old when I adopted him. We had him for almost five years. It was not nearly long enough. He didn't live to see his 8th birthday. I was planning on teasing him about being a senior.
Jack was never sick.

My heart is broken. I'm not sure if I will continue the blog. Scout and my husband both say that she is blog worthy, but I just don't know if I can continue it right now. This was Jack's blog.

Jack was a dog that was full of life and had such character. He was funny. He had such a personality. He would get so excited over things that it sometimes drove me crazy, but I knew one day I would miss that and he's only been gone for an hour or so and our house is so quiet without our "Crazy Jack Erdman". That's what I called him. Erdman is our last name.

Jack was found abandoned in a barn in Kansas with 24 other greys. He was left to die. He was rescued and brought to St. Louis with four other greys. I walked him in a parade before we even considered adopting him. I wanted a fawn female. He was not scared of the bands, fire engines and people, so my husband said he seemed perfect. We planned on waiting a little while before we adopted him, but my husband was sent out of town for an unknown amount of time. I didn't want to be alone, so our greyhound group rushed our adoption through and we got him earlier than we planned. The first thing my husband said when he saw Jack in our house was "He looks a lot bigger in a house than he did at the store" and he did. I was so scared when we adopted him. He had big teeth. Our last dog was not a nice dog at all, so I was somewhat scared of this big buy. He was a gentle giant. I cleaned his teeth daily and although he wasn't fond of it, he let me do it without a problem.

I will leave you a favorite photo of my boy. This was taken in Abilene, KS at a fun run in June 2009. It was our favorite vacation with Jack and Scout. We were able to see them run and it brought tears to my eyes because Jack loved it.

Fly high sweetie, you will never be forgotten. I love you!

The Mama of Jack The Greyhound

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