Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Call Me Camping Jack

We are headed out on another camping trip this weekend. It's supposed to be 95 degrees! It's a good thing that we have a two air conditioners on our RV. We will probably spend most of our time indoors, but we may sit in the river for our typical 30 seconds to cool off.

Our last trip was good. We went to Sam A. Baker State Park. We did the typical things. We went to the creek and to the river. We laid on our blanket and watched the other campers. There were ten kids next to us. They were interesting. We walked around a lot as the weather was really nice and the park was almost empty. Our pictures really all look the same from our camping trips, but here are the latest ones.

Here I am at the creek sniffing around.

Scout in the creek. I did get in up to my ankles. I'm getting braver.

Scout in the river.

Me at the campsite on my favorite blanket. It's a Disney Babies blanket that my Foster Mom sent with me when I moved to my forever home. I love it! It stays in the Jeep unless we are camping and then I lay on it outside. It's in almost all of our camping photos. LOL

Here I am at the overlook at the creek. There is a lodge nearby and Mama says they have really good food. I wouldn't know. Oh, wait, I did get a tiny bit of chicken fried steak. It was really good. I would have liked more though.

Me and Dad waiting for Mama and Scout.

We hope you all have a nice weekend and we will update you on our latest trip as soon as we can. Mama has been really busy working. I wish she could retire like me.

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