Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting Ready For The Meet & Greet

I'm getting all ready for the meet & greet. I used to go to them a lot, but haven't for a while. The reason I like camping is because when I walk through the campground, people come and pet me. A meet and greet is better because I can just lay on the floor and the people pet me. There is no exercise involved, but I'm still really tired after a day of greeting the public.

What do I do to get ready for the meet & greet? Well, last night I got my nails Dremeled. Today, I'm going to get my hair brushed with the Furminator. I shed a lot. Jack was a non-shedder. I will also use a few moist wipes to freshen myself up and then I will have my teeth brushed. Hey, it's not easy being a diva!

I've been really lonely this week. Mama has been trying to keep me entertained but I've been pretty demanding with her. I've been talking back to her. It's boring here and the cows are not nice to play with. Thank you to Bunny's Mom @ Tales & Tails for giving us some tips on the cows. We will just stay away from them from now on and just look at them from the safety of our house. The rabbits are a little entertaining, but they are not the same as another dog. Daddy said we can start looking for me a new brother or sister! We will never ever forget Jack, but there is a hole in all of hearts and we think a new dog will fill it. Mama says the house is just too quiet. We know the new dog will not be Jack and will probably not be like Jack at all, but there is a greyhound out there that needs us as much as we need him or her.

The Greyhound Who Is Very Excited About Today

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