Friday, June 17, 2011

My Second Time Being Alone

Mama had to go to the store this morning to replace some of our refrigerated food. She thinks some of it may have spoiled during our power outage on Wednesday because she got pretty sick yesterday afternoon. I had to stay home because they don't allow dogs at the grocery store and Wal-Mart. I did okay, but I sure was happy when Mama got home.

Mama said when she was at Wal-Mart, she was thinking that maybe she should get a card for our vet to thank him for taking care of Jack for the past five years. She really likes our vet. She was one of his very first customers when he started his business about twenty years ago. She said he used to have to stand on a regular scale with the animal to weigh them. He now has a real scale, which I don't like because it doesn't take into consideration that I'm big boned. I don't know how he would have weighed me because I don't think he would want to lift me and I don't fit on one of those people scales. Anyway, who walked into Wally World, but our vet! Mama had never seen him outside the office until today. Mama said that he said he had called the E-vet on Saturday night, so he knew about Jack. She said that they talked about Jack for a few minutes and even though she was teary-eyed, it was nice to see him and it made her feel better. Mama hadn't been to that Wally World for quite a while, but today felt like she needed to go there and I guess it was so that she could see our vet.

It's kind of stormy here. I'm a little nervous, but not totally freaked out. I'm glad Mama got home before the storms came.

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