Sunday, June 26, 2011

Resting After The Meet & Greet

The meet and greet was fun. Mama forget to take pictures, so we have to use a "stock photo" of me. This is me at the old house sleeping. I look basically the same today sleeping on the same couch in a different house, so we are going with it.

There were a lot of greyhounds at the meet and greet, so I did a lot of sniffing. I've decided that I want a brother and not a sister. There is one male that is currently available in our group and he came to the meet and greet, but we didn't have a connection at all. He was actually the only male that I didn't have a connection with. Mama talked to him, but he didn't seem interested in her either. The people who are fostering him are thinking of adopting him, so he's probably wanting to stay with them.

After the meet and greet, we came home and I took a nap while Mama and Daddy went to the store. I was excited when they came home, so I did three laps around the yard. Mama was surprised I had that much energy left.

It sounds like it may be a while before I get my new brother. Mama said I need to make up a "wish list" of what I want him to be like and she will do the same. We looked on the website last night and found a few that we were interested in, but we need more information on them.

It sounds like it could be a rainy day here, so I'm just going to relax today.

The Greyhound Who Hopes To Have Another Brother Soon

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