Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awards and A Weekend Update

We were surprised and honored to receive the Inspiration Award this weekend from Hiking Hounds and also Tails and Tales. Thank you very much for thinking of us. Jack would be proud that his blog is living on and now has received awards. Mama said she will help me pass on the awards soon.

Mama and Daddy wanted to stay busy last weekend, so Daddy painted her office. The people who lived here before loved to paint and try out different finishes on the walls. They did a good job on most of the rooms, but the office was not good. It had two walls that had lime green sponge painting and the other two walls had a sandpaper texture with a dark brown paint. A cat would love those walls.

Mama loves the coffee colors, but the room is too small to handle that, so she chose a light color. It's a very boring color. It's called putty. LOL It looks good though even though it is pretty boring.

Mama bought a print last week online that she thinks looks quite a bit like Jack, except the dog in the print has more white than Jack had. She hung it over our bed in the office. The paint color in this picture looks a lot darker than it really is. She didn't use a flash, so that's why it looks so dark.

Mama had always planned to decorate the office in greyhound items. She still needs to hang up our pictures, but she is debating which ones to put up. She may buy new frames. She is just not sure yet.

Daddy put shelves in the closet, so Mama unpacked the office boxes. I get nervous when I see boxes because I think it means we are moving again and I don't want to move. Mama says we are not moving. Jack laughed at me a few weeks ago because Mama was packing things to take to Good Will and I thought we were packing to move. I cried and threw myself on the floor. Jack thought that was really funny.

The boxes that Mama unpacked in the office had a lot of things that belonged to me and Jack. Mama found old newsletters from our greyhound group where Jack had written his blog. She also found the Celebrating Greyhound Magazines that Jack appeared in. He was in three. I have been in two calendars. It was a friendly competition between us. Jack and I have both been on our local TV station as Sammy Stars. They showed our photo and talked about us. She also found our photo Christmas Cards from last year. She didn't mail out very many last year since we were moving at Christmas time. She had planned on sending them out this year. She said she never thought that Jack wouldn't be here for this Christmas. :::sigh::: Mama put all of our items in a special place in the office so that she can look at them whenever she wants. I am glad that the boxes are gone and the office is now unpacked.

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