Monday, June 20, 2011

Where's The Snake?

Friday night, Mama and I were in the backyard. She always looks around the patio for snakes just because she really doesn't like snakes and she wants to be sure she doesn't step on one. She looked up at the abandoned bird nest that is above a light fixture under the deck and what does she see? A snake skin! WHERE'S THE SNAKE? Did a bird bring the snake skin to the nest for nesting material? We don't think so because the mama and babies moved out a few weeks ago.

Mama always told Jack that he needed to be careful with leaving the sliding door open because a snake might just slither in the house. This snake skin is under the deck so it could have easily have been on the deck. Eeeeek!

The Greyhound Who Hopes She Doesn't Find The Owner Of This Skin

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