Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Are Doing Okay

Hi everyone, it's me, Scout. I am going to try and carrying on the blog for Jack, but it will be hard to fill his paws.

First of all, we want to thank everyone for their kind comments about Jack. We cried while reading the comments, but it has also been a comfort.

We are doing okay. Saturday and Sunday were terrible. Mama and Daddy cried so much. I sat on the couch with Mama almost the entire day on Sunday, which is not my normal thing. I usually sleep in the bedroom during the day, but I felt she needed me. Yesterday, Daddy went to work and Mama went to work in her home office. Mama cried several times yesterday, but the tears are not coming quite as often and they don't last as long, so we feel we are moving on in our grieving process. We are trying to create a new normal by changing our routine a little bit. Mama said it would be hard for Daddy when he came home and was only greeted by me. I tried to make it extra special for him. He didn't cry when he saw me, so I think I succeeded!

Mama and Daddy cried a little bit last night talking about Jack, but then they started laughing about things Jack used to do. Daddy got a toy out and started playing with me and Mama laughed even more. I can't make the toys come to life like Jack could. He would fling them high in the sky. He loved his stuffies. I try, but I just can do it like he could.

Mama and I are going to start doing meet and greets again. She says I need to get out and see other hounds. I'm more excited about the people. I love people! Mama also said we are going to start walking at night. I gave her a dirty look because if she thinks I'm going to walk in the heat, she is mistaken.

We are not changing the name of the blog because we are going to adopt a new brother or sister for me, but we haven't decided when. Mama brought it up on Sunday, but Daddy didn't say much. Last night, Mama said maybe we won't get one because it's so easy just taking care of me and I kind of like being the center of attention. Daddy said that I need a sibling, so it sounds like he may be thinking of adopting sooner than Mama thought. They both said that I get to help pick out my new sibling because we want one that I really like and one that will run with me. Mama said she would like a smaller grey than me because I'm big. I'm a female that weighs 85 pounds, actually a little less than that because I lost weight at the hotel. I'm taller than Jack was, so it's NOT like I'm obese, I'm just a "big boned" girl. LOL She wants a smaller only because it was hard to get Jack in the Jeep and that has been her fear all along if one of us got hurt.

I need to get back to bed, so I will close for now. Again, thank you for your comments about Jack. He is missed more than we can say.

The Greyhound Who Is Trying To Make Her Brother Proud

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