Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping Jack Is Home

We have returned from our latest camping trip. It was a hot weekend at 95 degrees, but we stayed in the air conditioning most of the time. We mainly watched the other campers from the comfort of our bed.

We didn't have TV reception again this weekend, so it was another Seinfeld marathon for us. We have season 4 and season 6 on DVD, so that's what we watched ALL weekend long. Mama said she will order us something new for the next trip because really how many times can we watch The Bubble Boy?

We went to the river for a few minutes, but we didn't like it. It had lots of little rocks and the rocks hurt our feet. Also, there were a lot of people on the river and they hooting and howling. It was scary for us, so Scout laid down for 30 seconds in the water and I got my ankles wet and we went back to the camper.

Mama and Daddy went to an owl program on Saturday night. We went for a walk after they came back and all the kids were practicing their owl calls. It was pretty funny.

This morning, we had an earthquake here. Well, it was not here, but it wasn't too far from our house. Mama noticed that our deadbolt doesn't work now on the front door. Could it be connected to the earthquake? Probably not, but it did work yesterday and apparently Mama forgot to lock the front door last night and now the lock will not work. Our house can be a little quirky at times, but we still like it.

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The Camping Greyhound Who Is Happy To Be Home

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