Friday, July 29, 2011

Going To The Vet Tomorrow For Check-Ups

Hi everyone!

Joey and I go to the doctor tomorrow for check-ups. I don't mind going, but they will put me on the scale. I don't think it's going to be good. I haven't been walking as much as I should because it's just so hot. Joey is still not playing with me, so it's hard to burn calories.

Joey is doing fine. He loves to collect things. He moves the toys from his room to the living room. The other day he even moved a suitcase from the closet to the living room. He also carried in Mama's winter boots and a blanket. Mama said he doesn't realize he's staying here and he's packing his favorite things to take to the next place. He's silly. Mama says it's funny to hear thump, thump, thump and there's Joey with a new treasure in his mouth.

Joey loves to stand over the vent to cool off. He also lays on or near the vent. He is the king of roaching on the couch.

He doing well in his training. He hasn't had to use a belly band. He hasn't had an accident since Sunday, but Mama says we can't let our guard down.

We are still not friends, but we are not enemies either.

I told Joey that he needs to start writing the posts. He said he may in a day or two.

The Greyhound Who Gets Weighed Tomorrow....yikes!

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