Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Krispy Kreme and Squirrels

There is a Krispy Kreme donut place across from our campground.  Every morning, Mom and I walk to end of our street and just sniff the air.  Mmmm.....donuts!  Mom surprised me on Valentine's Day with Krispy Kremes.  They were everything I imagined.  I chattered until I received a bite.  The glazed donut melted in my mouth.  I chattered some more and Mom laughed at me.  I think I am hooked!

The squirrels here are not very smart.  I almost caught one today.  He ran really close to me. I spun Mom around and started chasing him.  I don't think Mom will let me get that close to one again.  It sure was exciting, just ask Mom! 

There is a couple from Australia that are staying here for just a few days.  They are traveling around the world in their RV.  Can you imagine?  They are here to see where JFK was killed and then they are moving on.  They are not interested in touring J.R. Ewings house. BOL!  They are on their way to South America.  They thought I was cute and Mom talked way to long to them.  I get bored after a minute of talking.  Why do people talk so long?  Just say "hi" and move on.  That is what dogs do. We sniff butts and move on.   Mom thought they were really interesting.

This is the back of their rig.  The top part comes down when they travel.
Here they are leaving for a day of sightseeing.  We will try to get a front view of their rig tonight.
In other news, Mom has started cooking with a cast iron skillet.  She is tired of replacing frying pans every six months and cast iron is supposed to last forever if you take care of it.  She has been using it for a few weeks now.  She likes it, but she is still not happy with how our fried eggs are turning out.  I think she just needs to practice with more eggs.  

Our weather has been really nice the past few weeks.  Our temps have been around 70.  Mom has been riding Buddy all over.

I like it here.  The dog park is nice.  There is one for big dogs and one for dogs under 25 pounds.  Mom actually lets me run here.  She says it is the perfect size and there are not things that I can run into.  Several people have commented that I look so happy when I am running.  Mom laughs when I run because I run in a crazy way.  I like to bounce around.  It's fun.

Me watching a cat.  Yep, there are lots of cats here.  Cats and squirrels!

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